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Vancouver, Canada

Here’s why we’re a perfect match

Your ideal customer will be me!

I specialize in creating content that elicits powerful emotions and drives action.

By immersing myself in your audience's traits, pains, and desires, I craft experiences that resonate deeply with your audience. My strategy revolves around swiftly showcasing your brand/product as the ultimate solution.

Within three seconds, I'll ignite curiosity, leaving viewers with a burning question only our video can answer.

But there's more! As a frequent traveler, I stay at luxury 5-star hotels/resorts worldwide. This means your UGC content will have premium backdrops, adding a touch of luxury to your brand.

And here's the kicker: I have an Amazon storefront (US & Canadian). If your products are on Amazon, I can feature them in my store, and create shoppable videos & photos that will be advertised on Amazon. Let's collaborate and create remarkable content that captivates your audience and drives sales. Let’s make an impact together!

Past Work

Lip Care: testimonial/demo

Skin Care: storytelling/demo

Skin Care: ad

Skin Care/Scent: aesthetic unboxing

Lip Care: testimonial /storytelling/demo

Baby/Kids: aesthetic

Fashion: try on haul



Organic UGC video starting at $150/30-60 second concept

Paid Ads 1 concept starting at $300 for lifetime usage

UGC Photos


Shoppable Videos & Photos

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